The Team at Surge Online

Working together as one

“You must continue to gain expertise, but avoid thinking like an expert” – Denis Waitley

Our first-class team consists of innovative and resourceful software developers and quality assurance specialists who have a wealth of knowledge and experience, which they are ready to share with you.

We are an experienced Agile company, entirely UK based and offer our own testing/Quality Assurance team.

Each team member contributes their own unique skill to the business helping to build a friendly, productive and professional working environment.

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Managing Director and Lead Consultant

As Lead Consultant, Surj advises at architect level, for Business and Systems Analysis. He works with enterprise customers to ensure they realise their goals.

He has 18 years’ experience of software development, and he has worked with Agile Software Development since 2007. He is renowned for his problem solving abilities, technical prowess, and very high standards.

To satisfy his desire to learn all things related to computer software, Surj undertook a 4 year Masters Degree from Imperial College London, in which he graduated with 1st Class Honours. Since then he has set up and run three successful software consultancies, Surge Online being the latest.


Agile Scrum Project Manager

Nigel is responsible for ensuring that the digital products that we build at Surge Online are tailored towards delivering the educational outcomes that users need. He brings 15+ years of experience in the discovery and design of user experience and content, along with a strong technical understanding of delivering digital products.

He has worked with all of the big publishers in the UK on digital products from the original back-of-the-book CDs to whole Key Stage Learning Management systems (and most points in between). With a strong editorial background, Nigel is passionate about turning traditional page-based learning content into engaging digital experiences for users. His varied experience across design, writing and producing print and digital content mean that he can help you understand the challenges and opportunities around digital presentation, helping you deliver truly engaging digital content, not just a ‘book on screen’ product.

With a commitment to Agile processes and collaboration, experience in managing large distributed teams, and a pragmatic approach to incrementally delivering working software, Nigel’s goal is to take care of the detail while making sure the outputs and goals are kept clearly and simply communicated. He believes good project management is a complex and challenging process, but that he should make you think it looks easy.


Senior Consultant

Joining the company as a Senior Software Developer in 2013, Abhi has now progressed to Senior Consultant and is responsible for both advising customers on their business goals and technical strategy, and for helping to implement technical solutions.

He has been instrumental in the successful implementation of bespoke virtual learning environments, communicating with clients, publishers and editors on a daily basis, alongside managing the development team.

Abhi’s solid educational background, communication skills, commercial experience, and personable nature, ensure that every project benefits from his involvement.


Creative Front-end Developer

Robbie is the go-to person for digital creativity. His passion for design and user-experience are evident in his continuing quest to learn more and more about the fields.

As with every Surge Online team member, Robbie has excellent understanding and experience of working in the Agile Software Development process.

Educated to degree level, with a BSc in Internet Computing, Robbie combines a positive outlook with a logical mind.


QA Manager

Gurdeep is the Software Quality Assurance manager at Surge Online. Now in her sixth year, Gurdeep’s team has steadily expanded in line with the company’s growth.

Having been with the company since its early days, Gurdeep has been involved in all aspects of QA, Agile Software Development, and Behaviour Driven Development.

Her bubbly personality, combined with her commercial experience, and Business and IT degree give her the perfect skills for ensuring quality and success in software projects.



Scrum Master and QA Analyst

Pindy joined Surge Online as a full time team member in 2010, and is responsible for the smooth execution and delivery of Agile Software Development projects.

Educated to degree level in psychology, a certified scrum master, and with a keen eye for detail, Pindy is the perfect choice for overseeing projects and ensuring quality is present at every stage in Agile sprints.

From time to time, she has also been known to supplement our excellent QA Team – to create and execute structured test plans.

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