Client Case Study: Access Fertility

It is so reassuring to know that Surge Online always have our best interests at heart Ash Carroll-Miller, CEO

Access Fertility is an Oxfordshire-based company founded by experts in Fertility Therapy to simplify access to treatment for anybody considering IVF.


Build a new bespoke CRM system to take over from an existing off-the-shelf CRM system which had proved to be limited in scope, inflexible, and costly.

The Understanding Phase:

The initial Discovery phase of this project started with acceptance of clearly defined objectives and a clarity of the proposed maximum cost for the initial phase.

This was a particularly complex build, with many stakeholders involved, both internally and externally, all dealing with potentially sensitive data. Hence, the Discovery and Understanding phases were particularly important in determining the diverse needs of all stakeholders.

The Understanding phase encapsulates our collaborative working approach where Surge Online devoted significant resources, particularly during the Field Study sessions.  During these sessions, Surge Online sat down with stakeholders and end­ users to observe how they used the current system, asked pertinent questions, and ensured that the new system addressed all the issues.

Again costs for this phase were confirmed upfront and as with all customers, Access Fertility, were made aware that there is no obligation to progress with Surge Online after this phase, thereby limiting the risk at this point. This avoids the business committing to unknown costs that can quite often appear later when changes to any upfront specification are amended during the build.


The Understanding phase changed the way the business looked at their requirements and the core features of their potential solution.

A Virtual site was created whereby the client was able to see what the proposed solution could potentially look like. Our team were able to make a few quick changes, respond to the findings of the research by our UX team member and create a clear picture of the proposed solution.

It proved to be a great visual way to confirm the understanding of their requirements, where they instantly saw the value of our proposed solution and thereby committed to the final ‘Agile’ build stage.

Surge Online developed a bespoke system for us which we now own, and does everything we want it to doAsh Caroll-Miller, CEO