Our Understanding Process explained…

Our clients tell us that our working process is unique and offers many benefits in the development of their desired solution. So in this blog we continue to provide an insight behind the process we use at Surge Online to build our software solutions, with you and your end user in mind.


Zero to Hero

We will not only build your online product, but we can begin with even an idea. By working with you, we will carefully discern what you want, and then build it for you.

Business Efficiency

How quickly can you save £100,000?

You’ll be surprised to learn that it’s a matter of months. If your turnover is £1m, you can save £100,000 in just 7 months (sooner if your turnover is greater than £1m). All from improvements to your existing business processes, with a comparatively small investment. What would you do with that saving? Make more revenue? […]

Thank you - from Pearson

Thank you Pearson!

Recently, we completed our work on a long running project, ActiveLearn Primary, for Pearson Education UK. This platform has been one of our longest collaborations, lasting more than three years. We are proud to have contributed to its incredible success.

Our Discovery Process explained…

Online platforms – we build them right for you with expert and refined processes. At Surge Online we are committed to this mission and a collaborative working approach using Agile. This is the first in a series of blogs to provide an insight behind the process we use at Surge Online to build our software […]

Pearson ActiveLearn

Case Study: Pearson ActiveLearn

“There is a huge amount of unseen compliance required at the back-end for our online learning products” The Pearson ActiveLearn division aims to help students take control of their own  learnings by providing them with a wide range of online tools to supplement traditional  text books. Modern educational programmes utilise a wide range of media, including audio, video, and text. Course […]