Pearson ActiveLearn

Case Study: Pearson ActiveLearn

“There is a huge amount of unseen compliance required at the back-end for our online learning products”

The Pearson ActiveLearn division aims to help students take control of their own  learnings by providing them with a wide range of online tools to supplement traditional  text books.

Modern educational programmes utilise a wide range of media, including audio, video, and text. Course materials also have to be downloadable, and interactive, which presents a real challenge when it comes to making the content easily searchable.

Surge Online – The Educational Testers of choice

Surge Online have been deeply ingrained with Pearson ActiveLearn’s online product for many years, being involved in the Testing, Software development, and Agile processes at various stages.

This particular Case Study focuses upon Surge Online’s role in the Testing, or the Quality Assurance ‘QA’ process.

The QA process involves checking for accuracy in online products, integrating updates and anticipating users’ needs.

Surge’s QA testers were also responsible for liaising with other external contractors, (such as software developers), to check the overall functionality of the product.

“I really can’t think of anything that Surge Online could have done better on the QA testing side – they’ve been great!”