Cambridge University Press’ ex Head of Technology joins Surge Online

Nigel is responsible for ensuring that the digital products that we build at Surge Online are tailored towards delivering the educational outcomes that users need. He brings 15+ years of experience in the discovery and design of user experience and content, along with a strong technical understanding of delivering digital products.

He has worked with all of the big publishers in the UK on digital products from the original back-of-the-book CDs to whole Key Stage Learning Management systems (and most points in between). With a strong editorial background, Nigel is passionate about turning traditional page-based learning content into engaging digital experiences for users. His varied experience across design, writing and producing print and digital content mean that he can help you understand the challenges and opportunities around digital presentation, helping you deliver truly engaging digital content, not just a ‘book on screen’ product.

With a commitment to Agile processes and collaboration, experience in managing large distributed teams, and a pragmatic approach to incrementally delivering working software, Nigel’s goal is to take care of the detail while making sure the outputs and goals are kept clearly and simply communicated. He believes good project management is a complex and challenging process, but that he should make you think it looks easy.