BCS: A Case Study

Our Discovery Workshops are crucial in making sure the relevant parties in the company, and the Surge Online team, are all on the same page with regards to what the project is about.

The information gained from these workshops also enables us to guarantee your spend and the project timeline, thereby reducing your risk at every stage.

Surge Online recently ran 3 half-day Discovery workshops for the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT , with more than 75,000 members across 100 countries.

BCS gathered their key stakeholders and we ran and facilitated the workshops.

By working collaboratively with them we were able to elicit:

  • A critical overview of BCS to enable us to focus on their strengths and work on any agreed improvements
  • The key pains and gains for the new project, so we all know what problems need to be addressed and what benefits users and stakeholders will receive.
  • The goals (“Epics”) for the new project, so we can set realistic targets
  • The roles: who will be using the new system, and the actions they would typically perform, so we know what end users will do with the platform.

We also:

  • Prioritised the goals, so we all know what has the most value, and which goals should be done first.
  • We wrote up the high-level project description, so that key goals were captured and circulated.
  • We wrote up which features are absolutely essential, so that they knew what will be delivered in the first release so there are no surprises
  • Confirmed the cost and duration for the next stage (Understanding), so that they knew what to expect next.

By running the first Stage of our Discovery process Surge Online were able to give BCS accurate costs and schedules for the next stage ‘Understanding‘ and costs and schedules to within 95% for the 3rd Stage, ‘Agile‘, in order to deliver the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

We are able to do this because at each stage we are reducing the customer’s risk and increasing our understanding of the project, something that can get overlooked when developers are running traditional Agile projects.

We remove your risk. All in all, our unique 3 stage process can save you from unnecessary expense, since we offer guarantees around cost and time, all the while still using Agile to deliver your software.